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Viorgons PROTEIN-PEPTIDE COMPLEXES OF SMALL MATRIX Currently, we can answer affirmatively, yes, there is a macromolecular structure of the small matrixin the intercellular space of tissues of all living organisms, represented by protein-peptide complexes, showing similar activity to bioregulators of animal origin-the ability to stimulate the recovery and repair of pathologically altered mammalian tissues. Moreover, it was found that the biological action of plant bioregulators reflects the pharmacological action of the plants from which they were isolated. For example, Viorgons derived from the leaves ofplantain commonor aloe arboreal stimulated skin wound regeneration in mice in vivo, preventing the formation of connective tissue scarring in the area of injury. Viorgon, obtained from celandine leaves, demonstrates a pronounced hepatoprotective effect in Wistar in vitro rats on a model of adimantal cirrhosis of the liver caused by exposure to carbohydrate tetrachloride.

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Viorgon 002 - Vineiron
It is recommended in complex programs during the rehabilitation period in patients who have suffered a stroke, trauma to the spine - helps restore the damaged functions of the body after strokes and with neurodegenerative diseases. Viorgon 02 helps inhibi
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Viorgon 003 - Vitiman
Biofluovit of thymus VIRGONS - sterile aqueous solutions of regulatory protein-peptide compounds isolated from the intercellular matrix of animals (biofluorvites), plants (phytoplauritides) and fungi (mycofluoravity), in low concentrations. They promot...
€37.00 €28.00
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Viorgon 004 - Vilikon
Recommended for autoimmune diseases and allergies. If immune cells (effector T-lymphocytes) continue to work, their own healthy cells of the body will be affected, which will lead to the development of various autoimmune diseases. T-regulatory cells not o
€37.00 €28.00
  • SKU: 7700004
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