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Special Offers

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Blood-Space Dual Laser
Since blood is influenced by all our organs, blood and its most important properties influence our state of healthy radically, including those effects on well-being as well as the physical and mental endurance, and how we to look like. The easy way to mea
€300.00 €200.00
  • SKU: 1005557
  • Availability: Available
NPCRIZ Body Analyzer
Electromagnetic energy and the human body have an important inter-relationship. The human body produces subtle magnetic fields that are generated by chemical reactions within the cells and also by weak electrical currents of the brain and nervous system.
€1200.00 €400.00
  • SKU: 1005551
  • Availability: Available
PP Life NLS BioScan
Entropy logic theory states that these theses are physically rightful only in case if A and B systems are quantum and aggregate of A and B can be described by one condition. This provides presence of initially existing informational exchange preceding des
  • SKU: 1005558
  • Availability: Available