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Mesotel External HPE-4 - a new generation of precursors of acetylcholine used in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. If the earlier part of many anti-aging tools included deanol, but now he was replaced by tetragidroksipropil ethylenediamine (THPE or HPE-4). By their nature, HPE-4 is a double molecule deanola, but its effectiveness is 4 times higher than its predecessor and 2 times more women are sensitive to it. HPE-4 - a high-performance and multifunctional compounds, which brought a new word into the outer mesotherapy. Moreover, it is non-toxic in a wide range of doses, does not cause sensitization and allergies, and is absolutely safe when used in areas around the eyes. The composition of the outer mesothelium of the head, face and neck, as well as the drug enters the body in tandem with the already famous and popular Neovitin complex, which further extends the range of effects of mesothelioma and increases the efficiency of HPE-4 for another 23%. Anti-age effects are complex HPE-4 Neovitin based on reducing the area of the skin, its moisture and stimulation of fibroblast collagen and elastin. These effects are confirmed not only by microscopy, but also during the instrumental hardware-effectiveness studies of the drug, such as, for example, skin impedance before and after using the anti-aging complex HPE-4 + Neovitin.

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Mesotel - for Face and Neck
Anti-age effect (smoothing out wrinkles) - Moisturization - Toning - Improvement in skin texture - Lifting effect
  • SKU: 7082030
  • Availability: Available
Mesotel - for Hair and Scalp
Mesotel to skin-head - Stimulates hair growth - Prevents early graying and hair loss - Prevents dandruff - Strengthens hair follicles - Increases the elasticity of the hair - Improves the condition of the skin-head
  • SKU: 7082020
  • Availability: Available
Mesotel - for the Body
Anti-age effect (smoothing of fine wrinkles) - Moisturization - Toning - Improvement in skin texture - Lifting effect - Anti-cellulite effect
  • SKU: 7082040
  • Availability: Available
Mesothelium - Comfort, Relaxing, Rejuvenating and Revitalizing Effects
Mesothelium for baths are amazingly soothing and rejuvenating effects, care for skin, soften it and make it more elastic, promote energy production in cells, stimulate cellular respiration, and also have a powerful antioxidant effect. In addition, essenti
  • SKU: 7082010
  • Availability: Available