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Mesotel Internal As many of you may know, that NPCRIZ does not only produce natural bioregulators but also other products based on the same level. One of the most popular products are Mesotels based on holin,gotu kola and boxthorn. Such products were produced for improvement of the immune system, nervous system and prevention of the pre-mature ageing. At the University of Bioregulations and Gerontology in Saint. Petersburg doctors and health specialists came up with the idea of strictly observing patients who were consuming Mesotels. After 6 months of observations the results came up amazing! Patients in age group between 55-65 showed a great improvement in memory, increase of 18% in melatonin level-which means slowing down of the ageing processes, strengthening of the immune system and increase of anti-oxidant levels. Such results, once again have showed that Mesotels are one of the best products after natural peptides. The Doctors of the Institute have concluded the following: «none of the products which we have worked with have showed such fantastic results as Mesotels».

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Mesotel - On the Basis of Choline and Colloidal Silver
Improvement of cerebral circulation - improvement of neuromuscular conduction - improving the operation of the central nervous system - prevention of stroke and rehabilitation after stroke - as an antioxidant - to improve the immunity - prevention of agin
  • SKU: 7081010
  • Availability: Available
Mesotel TABS
Mesothelium in tablet form you can safely take with you on a trip , because he accidentally spilled , easy and takes very little space. The advanced formula preparation ensures a significant improvement of the central nervous system , powerful antioxidant
  • SKU: 7081040
  • Availability: Avalable
Mesotel «Beauty» - Enriched with Zinc and Vitamins
Improved cerebral blood flow - improve neuromuscular conduction - improvement of the central nervous system - prevention of stroke and stroke rehabilitation - as an antioxidant - to enhance immunity - prevention of cancer pathology - prevention of aging -
  • SKU: 7081020
  • Availability: Available
Mesotel «Neo» - With Resveratrol * Choline * Gotu Kola * Boxthorn
Prevention of atherosclerosis - normalization of lipid metabolism - improve neuromuscular conduction - improvement of the central nervous system - prevention of heart attack and stroke - rehabilitation after heart attack and stroke - as an antioxidant - t
  • SKU: 7081030
  • Availability: Available