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Cytamins As a result of years of research by our scientists (Military Medical Academy, Institute of Bio-regulation and Gerontology RAMS) on the basis of peptide Bio-regulation theory a new class of tools has been developed - CITAMINS® containing regulatory peptides. Bio-regulation - scientific field that studies the molecular and cellular mechanisms that control homeostasis, allowing to restore the physiological functions of the body, providing the possibility of successful prevention and treatment of various diseases through the use of complexes of organo-specific protein structures. Peptides - are substances that regulate intracellular processes and ensure normal functioning of organs and tissues. Inherently peptides are proteinaceous compound of several amino acids. All peptides have their own specialization, ie for each authority will only fit a specific peptide: for the heart - peptides heart, liver - liver peptides, etc.

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Cerebramin N40 - Brain Bioregulator
Cerebramin has a nootropic effect, it is a neurometabolic stimulator. Derived from a bovine cortex and is a complex of proteins and nucleoproteins. It has a selective action on brain cells enabling accelerated recovery of cerebral functions. Has a positiv
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Ventramin N40 - for function of the mucous membrane and stomach
Gastrointestinal disease, especially gastric, are widespread in the population. Gastritis of various etiologies, disturbances in motor function, peptic ulcer of the stomach of stress, infectious and toxic origin - all of this group of diseases, one way or
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