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Peptide Prep-s Revilab

Peptide Prep-s Revilab Revilab Peptide ML – a series of multi-functional age-protectors based on a complex of ultrashort peptides – a new stage in the evolution of anti-aging medicines. To date, their use is one of the main innovations in anti-age medicine and allows to slow down the rate of aging, to maintain a normal level of metabolic processes, to carry out prevention and correction of various diseases. Effective action of Revilab Peptide ML is due to the high-tech formula. Each of the 9 preparations contains a number of short peptides, as well as antioxidants and building material for cells. The combination of these active components has a faster effect on various systems of the body, triggering the function of restoring internal organs. Peptide complexes Revilab SL – the newest development of the laboratory of the NPCRIZ The first, in the world practice, series of innovative multicomponent preparations for sublingual use, created to prevent disruption of the functioning of various systems and organs, and correction of existing diseases. The effectiveness of this form of reception is due to the fact that the medicine falls into the sublingual space with a dense network of capillaries, thanks to which the agent is able to penetrate directly into the bloodstream, by passing the absorption through the mucosa of the digestive tract and the metabolic primary deactivation with the liver. Accordingly, the active substance will remain larger, which will be manifested by its high concentration at the destination. Given the direct entry into the systemic circulation, the rate of onset of the effect is several times higher than the rate when taking a similar preparations orally. Components of modern high technologies (a number of synthesized peptides) and plant extracts are ideally combined in Revilab SL products and address the root cause of diseases, and also effectively prevent premature aging of the organism. Advantages of the preparations: • Innovative technology • Fast action • A new level of bioavailability • High efficiency

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