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AmiTABS AMITABS - the general name of a series of preparations containing mono-amino-acids and fortified with ascorbic acid . On the one hand - this is a necessary and often a source of building material for the missing cells , on the other - it is a source of vitamin C - control oxidation processes in cells and immunomodulator . And where it comes to immunomodulation , they say and tissue regeneration. Thus AMITABS not only helps build proteins , but also to maintain the integrity of cells and tissues in general. Today we represent seven drugs in this series which can be used both separately and in combination with each other and other drugs including the peptides . There are several ways to restore the function of organs and systems. The most common today - the use of different sets of antioxidants and micronutrients. Their action is superficial, mostly related to an increase in cell resistance to external influences and ensure their substrates for biosynthesis. Another method - a correction function of cells at the DNA level using the peptides. They give the cells to regain the ability to synthesize the desired proteins and to fully carry out its functions . Nevertheless , few people thought that the substrate or material for the construction of proteins are amino acids it . And that their presence in the cells will depend on the final result of the peptides - protein synthesis . It becomes apparent that the presence of micronutrients and antioxidants depends metabolism - that is, the formation and decay of biologically active substances depends on the presence of peptides beginning the synthesis of proteins - those biomachines that convert micronutrients in bioactive substances , and from amino acids , respectively , depends on process termination protein synthesis , because without them , as they are simply no building material can not be formed . So today becomes relevant not only to talk about antioxidants and peptides , but also the amino acids. They play a crucial role in building protein , and therefore , life. Has long been noted that there are essential and nonessential amino acids , and that for each organ system and certain amino acids are the most important . This means that certain organs and tissues for the construction of its own proteins and enzymes of amino acids required in some times more than others. And this is especially important when we are talking about prevention of premature aging and the restoration of the various organs and systems.

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