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Vedomix Tea Basic - Digestive System, Elimination of Toxins

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  • Art.No: 7141010
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It promotes digestion, secretion, absorption and processes of gastric and intestinal movements. It complements the biochemical and energetic processes. It promotes the burning of intestinal toxins and the detoxification. It has significant antioxidant and immune boosting properties. It stimulates the regeneration processes of the tissues and slows the aging process. It has a weight-reducing effect.



  •  Stimulates digestion



  •  Balances out biochemical and energy processes
  •  Burns out toxins in the intestines and performs detoxification
  •  Consists of many antioxidants and has immune modulating properties
  •  Stimulates regeneration of tissues and prevents pre-mature ageing
  •  Helps to loose weight


Components: green tea, ginger, cardamom extract


Added by: GinoBig, Sunday, 08.04.2012