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Revifort - 60 Capsule Oncological Product of New Generation

Rating: 2.8/4
  • Manufacturer: NPCRIZ
  • Art.No: 7010180
  • Availability: Available
  • Unit: 60 capsules
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Revifort - is the first drug that combines the achievements of various sciences, both the eastern and classical medicine. For the first time joined together such well-known representatives of the kingdom of fungi as Shiitake, Reishi, Maitake, and Cordyceps. It is really almost the only natural source of substances from the group of glucans, causing the immune system to be active and multi-destroy tumor cells, even in the heart of the tumor.




powerful tool for prevention of cancer pathology


indispensable part of complex treatment of cancer patients with different localizations and cancer stages


effective in immuno deficiencies in various origins, systemic diseases, hepatitis, diabetes.



  • For the prevention of pathological tumor diseases at various stages during a complex treatment
  • Various immune deficiencies
  • Autoimmune diseases (multiple sclerosis, nephritis, arthritis, scleroderma, lupus (SLE), etc.
  • Hepatitis
  • Diabetes
  • Pathological condition of the heart and vascular system
  • Prevention of premature aging
  • Metabolic disorders

Properties of the principal components:
The shiitake
is the most researched medicinal mushroom with proven medicinal effects. The shiitake has a strong anti-cancer effect. It contains lentinan Polisacharid a В-1 ,6-1 ,3-D glucans and it has a multi-jobbing effect on the organism: it accelerates the maturation of macrophages, natural killer cells and cytotoxic T-lymphocytes, it keeps record of their life span, it induces and enhances the activity of lythische macrophage, natural killer cells and cytotoxic T-Lymphoziten. It becomes obvious that the B-1, 1,3-D glucans activate Leukozyten the way that they can attack the tumor cells more actively and effectively. Lentinan stimulates the cells to produce tumor-inhibiting enzymes (cytokine TNF, IL-1). During the stimulation of cytotoxic T lymphocytes and natural killer cells by lentinan the destruction of foreign cells occur with the help of proteins perforin and granzyme. Recognized the foreign cells the Leukozyten cluster closely to them and inject perforin on the cells that immediately incorporate into the outer membrane. This results in cracks through which the cell loses the liquid and dies. If the perforins are not proven to be effective enough, the granzymes are used to kill the cell nucleus. The sole use of lentinan leads to the production of IL-1 and the formation of tumor neurosis factor IL-1 in the gastric cancer patients. The use of lentinan induces also the formation of interferon and IL-2 in the case of patients with cancer.
The other polisaccharid extracts from the shiitake also have tumor-inhibiting and immune-stimulating effects. There was extracted a Polisacharid that contained Mamman peptide (KS-2) and Emitanin, with the help of which the growth of the tumor significantly moderated. Laboratory tests showed that the purified Polisacharid is not toxic; it strengthens the immune response and leads to the regression of the tumor, or even to the disappearance of the tumor in the case of sarcomas, ascites hepatoma, Ehrlich carcinoma and other tumors in 5 weeks, and it inhibits chemical carcinogenesis. The shiitake is especially effective in the treatment of gastric, lung and skin tumors. It prevents the constant growth of tumors and the development of metastases. In Japan Lenitan is often used to improve the immune functions of patients treated with chemotherapy as it is well known that chemotherapy significantly reduces the immunity of the patient.

The Reishi mushroom
(Ganoderma) is a valuable tool for new growths. As a result of the collaboration of the National Center for Cancer Research and Agro-Chemical Faculty of the University of Suzukai (Japan), in 1980 the strongest beta-glucan from Reishi was discovered (GL-I-2a-b). The beta-glucan from Reishi accelerates the maturity of the immunocompetent cells, multiplies the life of the Mikrofage, natural killer cells and cytotoxic T-Lymphoziten, They accelerate these the way that they exert cytotoxic activity against all sorts of atypical cells. They increase their TNF-a, IL-1 and IL-6 content. In addition, it can be shown that the exercise of ergosterol Reishi is a direct effect on tumor suppression. Clinical studies show that Reishi-user patients tolerated the radiation therapy and chemotherapeutic scopic treatments better. Here the concrete reduction of the immune-figures and Leukozytens not experienced.

The Maitake
is the "rising star" of microbiology, a fungus whose active research started relatively short time ago, i.e. 30 years ago. There is evidence that the daily use of Maitake extracts strengthens the immune system and significantly reduces the risk of developing cancer. The anti-tumor effect of maitake is also quite substantial, beta-glucan can be found in it, which is called Gri-Fon-D. It has a unique structure and it is one of the most powerful anti-tumors among the Poli saccharides discovered until now. Maitake enhances the cytotoxic activity of Makrofage, it reduces the effects of carcinogenic substances, it exerts anti-metastatic activity. Research proved that after using Maitake extract the destruction of cancer cells is done by the activated immunocompetent cells. Maitake also prevents the formation of blood vessels of the tumor, the rapid carcinomatosis. Maitake excites the death of the active cancer cells and the IL-6 production, which is famous for fighting against cancer and for the synthesis of various lymphokines. The beta-glucan in Maitake is particularly active against the resisting effects of hormone refractory prostate cancer cells. It is active against bladder cancer. In addition to its general effect maitake is organ-specific, which manifests primarily in the treatment of breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian tumor, prostate cancer and bladder cancer.

Cordycpes In China
, it's been the basic means of folk medicine for 1200 years. Chinese doctors have used it for the following diseases: strengthening of health, combating different diseases, improvement of general living sentiment, bronchitis, pneumonia, coronary artery disease, cystitis, kidney infection, acute renal failure, liver inflammation, Zyrrose, rheumatism, premature aging, and this is far from the complete list. It has proved immunoregulatory and anti-tumor properties. By normalizing the immune-regulating bodies, it contributes to the treatment of autoimmune diseases such as scleroderma, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis. The Cordoceps has a bacteriostatic effect against dozens of pathogenic bacteria, it reduces inflammation and its effect exceeds that of Hydrochortizol. It improves the functioning of the heart and vascular system, helps with the subsequent handling of the beam and Olympic chemotherapeutic treatments.

Fire Red Echinacea:
It contains essential oils, resins useful for the health of vital organic acids, vitamins and unique natural antioxidants (and Echinotsin Echinolon). The Echinacea is a very rich selection for healing, it contains physiologically-important vitamins and print elements: vitamins A, C and E, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, etc. This wonderful plant is very rich in nutrients, iron that improves the blood structure and the formation of red blood cells, in calcium, which is responsible for in the elderly very important strong bones and teeth work, in selenium, which is an important element in the prevention of various diseases and silicon, which is essential for operations, and promotes the healthy tissue formation. All these elements strengthen the immunity, improve metabolism, has anti-allergic, antimikrobale, diuretic, anti-virus, anti-cancer properties and inflammation. It fights against bacteria, viruses, fungi and pathogenic microbes, activates and mobilizes the whole protection of the organism in the fight against diseases. It stimulates the growth of the great healthy cells and the production of antibodies. It is an indispensable remedy for mental and physical exhaustion, the scopic chemotherapeutic treatments are more bearable with it.

The seaweed
contains many vitamins B and elements in large quantities. It exerts a substantial tonic and detoxifying effect on the body, it stimulates the function of the stomach, intestines and liver, which Hemoglobin syntheses, the formation of red blood cells, and the growth of healthy tissue. It contributes to the reduction of cholesterol levels, improves the function of thyroid, metabolism and immunity.

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