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Mesotel «Neo» - With Resveratrol * Choline * Gotu Kola * Boxthorn

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  • Manufacturer: NPCRIZ
  • Art.No: 7081030
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  • Unit: 120 ml
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Resveratrol, Choline,Gotu Kola, Boxthorn


• Improvement of the nervous system

• Improvement of the immune system

• Powerful antioxidant

• Increases life expectancy

• Eliminates hair loss

• Eliminates various skin rashes

• Reduces the appearance of wrinkles


• Prevents the development of atherosclerosis

• Lowers cholesterol levels in the blood

• Very good for the skin, stimulates synthesis of collagen

• Prevents the risk development from bone rarefaction

• Regulates the exchange of fats in the body

• Prevents the spreading of cancer cells

Resveratrol is phytoalexin, one of the main components of red wine. It is a very powerful antioxidant, which effects are much stronger than of Vitamin E.


Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is one of the main anti-ageing plants. It is mainly used during hair loss, chronicle skin illnesses and venereal illnesses.

It is an Indian plant, and the most important plant in ajurveda medicine. Gotu Kola increases intelligence processes, improves memory, increases life expectancy, slows down ageing processes and gives strength for elderly people. Also, it is a very strong a antiseptic which widely used during different skin diseases, including leprosy and syphilis, eczema and psoriases. It helps to eliminate various skin rashes.



• Magnificent natural antioxidant

• Improves circulation, strengthens blood vessels, prevents thromboses

• Stimulates regeneration processes of cells

Contains vast amount of active ingredients: vitamins, minerals and micro cells. Boxthorn berries increase the immune system, lower acidity in the blood, prevent development of malignant tumors, improve mood and remove fatigue. Moreover it has antioxidant actions and slows down ageing processes. Boxthorn does not have any side effects, extracts from the plant help elderly to sleep better and strengths health in general. Also, clinical researches have shown that a boxthorn berry makes the cell shells much stronger therefore promotes their growth and regeneration.



For adults and kids, which are older than 14 years old, 1 tea spoon-once or twice a day during food intake.

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