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Compliment «Restoring» - Face Cream Restoring with Epiphysis Peptides

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  • Manufacturer: NPCRIZ
  • Art.No: 7060011
  • Availability: Available
  • Warranty: 18 Month
  • Unit: 50 ml
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The COMPLIMENT RESTORING cream regulates the synthesis of melatonin (the hormone regulating the sleep-wake cycles) in the skin cells. It has an antioxidant effect. The cream contains physiologically natural and active pineal gland peptide complexes. The pineal gland peptides regulate the metabolism processes, reinforce the protein synthesis in the skin cells, have strong antioxidant effect, and normalize the acidification of the lipids of the skin cells that is caused by the negative effects of the external impacts (like air-pollution, extreme heliation, physical strain, trauma) and naturally by the displeasing impacts coming from inside (emotional stress).

Effects of the use of this product:

  • slows down the aging process of the skin,
  • stimulates the change-processes in the skin cells,
  • restores the natural regeneration capability of the skin,
  • decreases the negative impacts on the skin caused by air pollution, stress, heliation, climate changes,
  • restores the skin capability of preserving the normal PH level and natural state,
  • activates the juvenility and vitality of the skin.

Recommended use: apply it by smooth massaging movements on clean face and neck-line (décolletage) in the morning and/or evening.

Added by: GinoBig, Thursday, 05.04.2012