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Viorgon 003 - Vitiman

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  • Manufacturer: Institute of Bioregulaton Moscow
  • Art.No: 7700003
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  • Unit: 30 ml
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Biofluovit of thymus

VIRGONS - sterile aqueous solutions of regulatory protein-peptide compounds isolated from the intercellular matrix of animals (biofluorvites), plants (phytoplauritides) and fungi (mycofluoravity), in low concentrations. They promote regeneration and rejuvenation of all organs and tissues of the body.
These are highly effective food substances of a new generation, created on the basis of the latest Russian biotechnologies. Due to their unique properties, Viorgons are regulators of biochemical and biophysical processes occurring in all tissues of the body. They contribute to the restoration of the natural mechanism of self-regulation, the violation of which is the cause of any pathology.

VIRONS in very small doses:

are safe;
are highly bioavailable;
compatible with all biological products, medicines, etc.
have no side effects.

VIRGON 03 (Biofluovit of the thymus)

Selection source: thymus

Thymus (thymus, or goiter, gland), like the bone marrow, is the central organ of immunogenesis. From its condition, the effectiveness of protective reactions of the organism depends to a large extent. The thymus is located directly behind the sternum and consists of two lobes (right and left) connected by loose fiber. It involves immunological "training", maturation and differentiation of T-lymphocytes, or T-cells (thymus cells) of the immune system, responsible for the reactions of cellular immunity.

It stimulates the development and differentiation of T cells in both their own tissue and in the lymphoid tissue of other parts of the body. T-cells are a kind of "guardian" of the immune system. Function of T-lymphocytes consists in recognition of abnormal cells and their elimination, control over the production of antibodies against pathogenic agents, regulation of the activity of the immune system. In the thymus different types of T-lymphocytes are formed. Some of them control the production of antibodies against pathogenic agents, others help to destroy microbial cells. T-killers have the ability to destroy cells containing a foreign antigen. Another variety - T-helpers are the first to recognize foreign substances.
T-helpers and T-killers form a group of effector T-lymphocytes, which are directly responsible for the immune response.

The function of another group of T-lymphocytes (T-regulatory cells, or T-suppressors) is to regulate the active work of effector T-lymphocytes. They control the strength and duration of the immune response and suppress its activity when the need for it disappears. If immune cells (effector T-lymphocytes) continue to work, their own healthy cells of the body will be affected, which will lead to the development of various autoimmune diseases. T-regulatory cells not only suppress the autoimmune reaction, but also help the body resist re-infection with pathogenic microbes, and also protect against the destruction of beneficial bacteria that inhabit the intestine.

The action of Viorgona 03:
Improves the state of the body with a weakening of the immune system.

Positively affects the formation of an immune response, has a regulatory effect on the immune system of an aging organism.
It is recommended for use in complex programs to strengthen the function of the immune system, in cases of immunity disorders, infectious diseases, including viral infections, in a number of pathologies associated with the development of an immunodeficient state of non-viral origin, to prevent the development of neoplasms.
It is recommended for infectious diseases, including viral diseases.

Mode of application:

Dilute 5 drops per 50 ml of water (stir well) or drip under the tongue (hold in your mouth, do not swallow) 2-3 times a day. It is recommended to apply at least 2-3 months, as separate courses 2-3 times a year as a preventive measure.

ATTENTION!!! It is recommended to take the same types of fluevitols (BIOPHLAVEVITES, PHYTOFLUVREVITES, MYTOFLURAVITES) separately, without mixing, with an interval of 3-5 minutes!




All VIRONGONS can be used to treat pets.

Storage conditions: Store at room temperature or in a refrigerator, avoid sunlight. Do not store in the sun!
It is recommended to close the lid tightly, to prevent bacteria from entering the solution.
In its open form it retains its properties during the shelf life (2 years).

All products are certified.

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