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NPCRIZ Body Analyzer

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Electromagnetic energy and the human body have an important inter-relationship.  The human body produces subtle magnetic fields that are generated by chemical reactions within the cells and also by weak electrical currents of the brain and nervous system.  Our bodies function by way of these finely co-ordinated electro-magnetic fields, which help regulate all bodily functions and keep them in their natural balance.

When the body’s magnetic frequency patterns become disturbed, it is often the start of a chain of effects that leads to ill health.  The body’s first signal that all is not well is electromagnetic in nature.  These altered frequencies are stored in our cells and become damaging. They cause biochemical changes affecting cellular function and ultimately leading to the development of pathologies.

To put it another way, when the magnetic frequency of our cells are high, we experience good health. When the frequencies of our cells are low, we are more susceptible to disease.

With this understanding medical engineers were able to build a device that can measure the electromagnetic energy emanating from the body’s organs.  Any deviations in the frequency patterns outside of the normal range can be interpreted as a disease process occurring in those organs or tissues being tested.

The device I use in my clinic called:  ‘Magnetic Human Body Analyser’ has been calibrated to measure the different electromagnetic frequencies emanating from the human body.  The system measures and analyses 27 different parameters relative to one’s health status.

They are:

Liver Function
Blood Sugar
Bone Density

Amino Acids
Obesity Function

Brain Function
Rheumatic Bone

Immune System
Heavy Metals

With the Magnetic Human Body Analyser device I can identify many underlying pre-pathological conditions and diseases at their earliest pre-clinical stage when only some functional abnormalities are present, but not yet detectable by current medical tests.


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