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Adestab - Stabilization of Arterial Pressure

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The modern way of life, stress and lack of exercise adversely affect the state of the whole organism. One of the most important, but the weakest points is the vascular wall. Violation of its trophic and elasticity lead to damage. The consequence is the appearance of atherosclerotic plaques and atherosclerosis. The latter, in turn, there is no coronary artery disease and hypertension. A sad statistic structure them and their complications such as heart attack and stroke belongs to the palm.

There are various ways to prevent heart attack and stroke. However, the main key to its success is the elasticity of the vascular wall. For this revitalization and Health Center has developed a mild hypotensive drug and angiotropny - ADESTAB.

Course ADESTAB use of the drug to stabilize blood pressure and reduce the risk of vascular complications in the body.
What are healthy vessels

To the circulatory system, ensures the viability of the whole body to function properly, it is necessary to maintain the good condition of blood vessels, and especially their elasticity.

In healthy elastic vessel wall, they are able to expand and contract depending on the need. This procedure increases blood flow, which means that in the tissues and organs is normal intensive exchange. When blood vessels constrict, it conversely slows metabolic processes. The narrow blood vessels takes less, and tissues and organs which they supply the blood and begin to starve to work less. But the most dangerous in this regard, the accumulation in tissues and organs of the decay products, which seriously impairs their function.

There is another important reason care should be taken of the elasticity of their receptacles, - due to their ability to compress and expand the regulated pressure in the arteries and veins. A pressure difference and provides blood flow through the vessels. As you remember, in the arteries of the pressure should be higher than at sites closer to the heart and in the veins - on the contrary. But in general, the pressure in the venous capillaries must be lower than the arterial, otherwise blood will not enter them. When the vein walls lose their elasticity, filled with blood, and can no longer be compressed, the pressure in the veins increases, and the difference in pressure between the venous and arterial capillaries is reduced. This becomes another reason for slow metabolism, development of hypoxia (oxygen starvation), saturation of tissues decay products, and thus a violation of their functions. At the time of voltage changes during stress untrained wall may break or otherwise become damaged, which may lead to thrombus formation. Thus, the vascular wall should be sufficiently flexible to changes during stressful survive and not to destroy.

ADESTAB - ESP drug that has a mild regulating effect on vascular tone, keeping the elasticity of blood vessels.

 Another important condition for the normal operation of the circulatory system - a smooth walls of blood vessels that carry blood passes quickly, without encountering any obstacles. However inelastic damaged vessel inner layer is disrupted endothelium and begin to stick to the walls of blood clot or atherosclerotic plaque is formed. Similar projections at the inner surface of the blood vessels causes turbulence in blood cells which, when confronted, lose their structure, or even die. As a result of changing the composition of the blood.

 Healthy vessel walls are lined inside with a thin layer of endothelium, which allocates special substances that prevent blood clotting. But when the intima (inner layer of the vessel) is damaged, the blood clotting process begins immediately. And platelets are the first to respond: they stick to the damaged area, and even allocate special substances that trigger vasospasm and call for help new platelets.

 Next, the following occurs. Specific substances in blood (clotting factors) are connected with each other, resulting in the deposition of solid filaments that location of a particular protein - fibrin. He then completes the formation of a blood clot.

 ADESTAB improves metabolism in the vascular wall and maintains the integrity of the blood vessels healthy. A healthy vessels above problems will not occur.

 Elastic, smooth, intact walls of blood vessels - the basic conditions for the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. Therefore ADESTAB works not only to improve vascular and myocardial providing easy antiarrhythmic effect.

     for stabilization of arterial pressure
     for the prevention of heart attack
     for stroke prevention
     for thrombosis prophylaxis
     for the prevention of retinal lesions
     to reduce hot flashes during menopause
     to improve the trophic infarction
     to reduce meteo

Mode of application
Adults and children over 14 years: 2 tablets 2 times a day with meals. Course duration 4-6 weeks. Possible re receptions throughout the year.

Main components


Shrubs Aronia, or as it is called Aron, can now be found in almost every garden or park. On its useful qualities known for a long time, but actively cultivated and used for medicinal purposes started only after it became interested scientists conducted a series of experiments and tests, various studies and useful properties of rowan was hard to ignore. And then in 1961 the Ministry of Health announced that the fruits of chokeberry can be used for medicinal purposes - to treat anatsidnyh gastritis, hypertension and atherosclerosis. Prior to that time, and now rowan used in food in fresh form, as compotes, jams, home-made wines and pastries.

Useful properties due chokeberry content therein of vitamins A, C, B1, B2, E, P, PP, carotene, manganese, copper, boron, iodine, magnesium, molybdenum, iron, antotsianatov. In chokeberry fruits contain sugar, folic, nicotinic, malic and other organic acids, riboflavin, phylloquinone, tocopherols, cyanine, pirodoksin, thiamine, tannin and pectin. In fruits chokeberry (as in the fruit feijoa) contains a lot of iodine, so they are useful in hypothyroidism. Also found quercetin derivatives, large amounts neohlorogenovoy acid, rutin and giprozid. Valuable medicinal raw materials are also dried berries of Aronia. Revealed that the 3 tablespoons (50 g of dry fruits) chokeberry concluded as vitamin P, which provides him with a daily dose of this vitamin deficiency. Astringent taste "chernoplodki" recalls that it contains a lot of tannins, organic acids and pectin, which means great for digestion.

Useful properties of chokeberry help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, improving their flexibility and elasticity. One of the most useful properties of this berry is the normalization of blood pressure and lowering cholesterol levels in the blood. Fruits "chernoplodki" prescribed for various disorders in blood coagulation system, bleeding, rheumatism, atherosclerosis, diabetes and allergic diseases. A pectin, which are berries, excellent job with cleansing the body of heavy metals and radioactive substances. At the same time they take pathogens capable of causing unprecedented damage to us.


Hawthorn berries contain sugars, organic acids (malic, citric, tartaric, ascorbic, etc.) And triterpene (oleanovuyu, ursolic and krategovuyu) acids, tannins, phytosterols, saponins, glycosides and carotene, potassium, magnesium, B vitamins and rutin.

Hawthorn use in diseases of the heart, particularly cardiac muscle against fatigue. Hawthorn selectively dilate the coronary vessels and vessels of the brain, reduces the excitability of the nervous system, increase the supply of oxygen to the brain and heart, improve metabolism, normalize heart rhythm, eliminate unpleasant sensations in the heart, good for the general condition, help reduce blood cholesterol levels , recover faster after a long illness. With a long reception lower blood pressure in hypertension, relieve dizziness, shortness of breath, insomnia, help to cope with the problems of menopause.


Melissa has been used successfully for the treatment of hypertension. Good help and heart disease. Prolonged use of it calms the nervous system. It has also been used successfully in the general weakness of the body, gastro-intestinal diseases, chronic cataract neurosis, asthma, shortness of breath.


Flowers of calendula (marigold) have a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, cardiac and soothing effect, reduce blood pressure, improve metabolism in the liver, improve its secretory function.


Fennel - aromatic plants, which became known to man for many years before our era. The first mention of it is found in Pliny, who first notes the healing power of plants. Fennel contains a large number of various acids, including niacin, folic and citric acid, vitamins B, C, A, PP, K and E. In addition, the composition of fennel include potassium and sodium, iron and calcium, which are necessary for normal functioning of the musculoskeletal musculoskeletal system, digestive system and heart muscle. It should also be noted that fennel has excellent antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties, it is used to cleanse the respiratory organs from sputum and wound healing, general rejuvenation of the body and strengthen the nervous system. Is effective in primary forms of coronary insufficiency and hypertension.


Microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) - a source of dietary fiber. It is used for diabetes, atherosclerosis, obesity, intoxication, goiter; a means for the normalization of the gastro-intestinal tract, prevention of cancer. In the small intestine MCC mechanically cleans its mucous membrane from the "dirt" of the film. In addition throughout the gastrointestinal tract MCC sorbs absorbs harmful substances to the body, heavy metals, radionuclides, toxins. Most often used in cases of poisoning MCC (instead of activated charcoal); in order to normalize the digestive system; in diabetes; atherosclerosis; coronary heart disease.

Hop cones ordinary according to numerous observations and experience of traditional medicine from different countries have a calming, antispasmodic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Several authors have noted a useful therapeutic effect of hops as a sedative, cardiotonic, diuretic and anti-inflammatory agent. In particular, marked by its effectiveness in diseases of the kidneys and bladder, with dysuria, insomnia, hypertension and arteriosclerosis. In seedheads contain essential oils of hops, hop resin, wax, gum, bitter substances, valeric acid and hop glycoside lupulin (in mature cones), carotene, ascorbic acid, choline, thiamin, nicotinic acid, a yellow colorant, tannins, flavonoids , B vitamins and PP, and other compounds. Young shoots and leaves of hops contain a lot of ascorbic acid.


Horsetail (Equisetum arvensis L.) has a bracing and cardiotonic action. In the folk and scientific medicine, he is best known as a diuretic and anti-inflammatory agent in diseases of the kidneys and bladder. Decoction and infusion of horsetail grass is not worse kidney tea removes from the body excess fluid, without affecting the electrolyte composition of blood; improves the overall metabolism of the body, reduces swelling of various origins, including the heart. Horsetail extract increases the filtration in the glomerulus and prevents the formation of stones and increases the elasticity of connective tissue, activates metabolic processes in hair and nails. In addition, experimentally proved that the extract of horsetail promotes the excretion of excess cholesterol, toxins.


Potassium and magnesium regulate metabolic processes, help to restore electrolyte balance, provide antiarrhythmic effect. Participate in the conduction of impulses along nerve fibers and in synaptic transmission, muscle contraction implementation, maintenance of normal cardiac activity. Metabolic potassium and magnesium leads to change excitability of nerves and muscles.


Product: 60 tablets of 1g
potassium chloride, magnesium citrate, caking agent regulating microcrystalline cellulose, chokeberry fruit powder (lot. Aronia melanocarpa), lemon balm herb powder (lot. Melissa officinalis), powder calendula flowers (lot.Calendula officinalis), powder hop cones (lot. Humulus lupulus ), a powder of fennel seeds (lot. Foeniculum vulgare), calcium stearate, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (E464), polyethylene glycol (PEG 4000), hawthorn fruit extract (lot. Crataegus oxyacantha), horsetail herb extract (lot. Equisetum arvense), food colorant titanium dioxide (E171).

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