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Reviline 05 - Intensive Eye Cream with Peptides

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  • Manufacturer: NPCRIZ
  • Art.No: 7091025
  • Availability: Available
  • Unit: 30 ml
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Intensive Eye Cream with Peptides - exclusive cosmetic with perfectly matched components, guaranteeing maximal effect rejuvenate delicate eyelid skin. The cream has a very high penetration and suction capacity, hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin. Intensive Eye Cream with peptides soothes and restores the delicate eyelid skin, gives it freshness and elasticity, protects against aggressive environmental influences.

slows the aging process of the skin

improves trophic skin around the eyes

moisturizes and nourishes

• improves texture

has a pronounced antioxidant effect

smoothes fine wrinkles around the eyes

stimulates cell renewal

soothes and calms the skin

lifting effect


Purified water, peptide complexes: A-3, A-4, A-6, olive oil, Ceteareth-2, Ceteareth-21, PPG/PEG-4/14 dimethicone, ethylhexyl cocoate, caprylic-capric triglyceride, sorbitol, bioantioksidantny complex "Neovitin» ®, cocoa butter, tallow, wax emulsion, glycerol monostearate, cyclomethicone, phenoxyethanol ethylhexylglycerin, eyebright extract, extract of Jerusalem artichoke, silver citrate, dimethicone, perfume.


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