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Chitomur N60 - Bladder, Urinary Incontinence

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  • Manufacturer: NPCRIZ
  • Art.No: 7026170
  • Availability: Available
  • Unit: 60 capsules
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The peptide fractions obtained from the bladder to young animals. The isolated peptides have a selective effect on the cells of the bladder wall, normalize metabolism in the cells of the bladder wall, stimulate muscle tone or detrusor sphincter.

In a clinical study demonstrated the efficacy of the bioragulator "Chitomur" to restore voiding of various origins, including the pathological course of menopause in women, diseases of the prostate gland in men, when exposed to extreme environmental factors, malnutrition, and aging for normalization bladder function.



chronic cystitis
Voiding caused by prostate disease
Voiding due to menopause
Spinal bladder
Urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse due to women

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