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z Slimming Tea Flavors with Pineapple - Ideal Forms

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A series of flavored teas designed to optimize metabolism and digestion. Help to reduce fat absorption in the intestine, improve intestinal motility, the removal of toxins from the body. Have mild laxative action. Designed to normalize the composition of intestinal microflora and correction of body weight.



  • Removes toxins from the body, improves the work of the intestines
  • Has a little laxative effect
  • Its purpose is to correct the weight problems and to stabilize microflora in the intestines


Main components: green tea, Sudan Rose Petal, flax seed, dill seed, thallus Lominari, Alexandrian leaves, and dry or liquid flavor depending on flavor pineapple.

Added by: GinoBig, Friday, 13.04.2012