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Bilinorm Tea Blend - Liver and Bile

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  • Art.No: 7142021
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It enhances the detoxification of liver functions and protein synthesis. It reduces the symptoms of poisoning, and the "heavy feeling" of the upper quarter of the liver. It has anti- inflammation, anti-spasmodic and gall protective effects. It slows the degeneration of the liver and the cirrhosis.
  • Helps with detoxification of liver
  •  Decreases intoxication
  • Has inflammatory properties
  • Relieves from spasms
  •  Prevents progression of cirrhosis
  • Widely used during hepatitis, biliary dyskenesia, and other chronicle intoxications



Recommendations: liver inflammation in the bile duct dyskinesia, chronic cholecystitis without aggravation, and in chronic poisoning due to chemicals, drugs and alcohol.
green tea, nettle leaves, Calamus root, yarrow, flax seed
Added by: GinoBig, Friday, 13.04.2012