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European Congress of Revitalization and Health Budapest Hungary
10th of March,2012 1st European Congress of Revitalization and Health will take place in Budapest, Hungary!!!

1st European Congress of Revitalization and Health!

Stunning hotel in very traditional Hungarian style- Rubin Wellness & Conference Hotel****will open its doors for all the participants of the Congress. Cozy atmosphere and peaceful harmony, up to date business center, relaxing spa facilities such as sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming pool and bowling. All participants will have an opportunity to use those facilities and spend 2 days with business partners, co-workers and NPCRIZ management team. It is not a surprise that Hungary was chosen for the 1st European Congress of Revitalization and Health-Hungarian structures have shown an incredible work in company‘s progress in European regions.

On the 10th of March, 2012 all guest will have a chance to listen to: V.H. Havinson-Professor, Doctor of Medical Science. He is the author of more than 600 published scientific reports, author of 39 bioregulators and 6 medical products. Vice President of the gerontology society. G.А. Ryzhak-vice president of Saint. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulations and Gerontology, professor, doctor of medical science. NPCRIZ management team-R.N. Pinaev, V.A. Aleksandrov, D.A. Gorgiladze and general director of NPCRIZ EUROPA O.F.Laptev.

The price of 1 ticket per person to the 1st European Congress of Revitalization and Health is 40. Each quest who will purchase a ticket for the Congress will receive a very unique gift bag-a set of 3 external mesotels!

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